Last night I had a great pleasure to play together with my partner in kryme – Tony Handle in a venue named Room13. We have a regular show there like every few weeks. This time we also invited a special DJ guest – Pony Disco. The party was a fire and we dropped a lot of amazingly cool stuff. However in venues like this, where the crowd is rotating and rather a small part of it is regular guests, you can always meet people, who don’t understand what the clubs are made for. They come to a house party, and instead of enjoying the pulse of decent club music, they come over to DJ booth to request some commercial r’n’b recently heard on a radio, or even worse, to request “despacito” and similar stuff.

The venues owners sometimes push the DJs to play a bit of commercial stuff to keep the guests as long as possible and make a better turnover on a bar, and yes, the DJs sometimes drop the radio hits, but usually remixed and way cooler, than the original versions.

Last night we dropped only decent club music, going from soulful and groovy warmup tunes to underground and tech house at the peak time. There were no requests all night long. How cool is that? Well, for a venue placed among the most commercial clubs in Warsaw, on the most commercial street, it is a huge success. We really don’t know, if that night we had a decent crowd, or we played so well, or both. We only wanna say thank you for no “despacito” requests and for a great time we all had together.